HERE is the new book TACTICAL CIVICS™, a free 42-page eBook introduction to a powerful, responsible new way of life. No more all-talk-no-action party politics, CPAC lectures and TEA Party rallies.

Nothing like this full-spectrum popular sovereignty has ever been attempted. But it's 100% logical, lawful, peaceful, and practical.

Download the PDF book and share it with friends. Or buy the hardcopy at Amazon for $5.95 if you must have a physical book. We make nothing off the sale of the physical book anyway; we would rather you get the free eBook. All links are live, which of course you cannot get in the paperback. 

Contrary to popular belief, America's future has never been brighter. The Deep State is finally busted, and We the People are beginning to realize that America's future has always been up to us, not the politicians.

Mr. Trump, you will soon need to take notice of what your sovereigns are doing -- or be left in the dust bin of history.

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TACTICAL CIVICS™ Facebook Group Goes Live

This week, our national TACTICAL CIVICS™ Facebook group was launched. began the prototyping process for all new county chapters. Our Facebook group is HERE, but understand that until you actually join AmericaAgain! as a dues-paying member, we are not adding member strength to our national organization.

TACTICAL CIVICS™ is the historic strategic alliance of III% United Patriots, AmericaAgain! Trust, and grand jury author and trainer Jason W. Hoyt; the only full-spectrum solution in the republic. TACTICAL CIVICS™ will structure our chapter operations, training, media, TV channel, and kids' activities along the lines of the highly successful, 40-year-old National Wild Turkey Federation.

Can you pull together two other people in your county and launch another county chapter in our 'prototype fleet' of TACTICAL CIVICS™ chapters? If so, get in touch with me at and we will get you plugged in. We will be tightly coordinating with your III% United Patriots Zone Leader, and all '3UP' members are urged to join. (Incidentally, if you can attend the III% United Patriots' National FTX in Fountain CO on July 28-30, you will be greatly edified, energized and inspired.) 

If you can't make it, we can still connect by text, email, on our national TACTICAL CIVICS™ Facebook group, and on our national conference calls every Sunday night at 8pm Central. Just dial (712) 775-7031 then access code 123-277-344 # to join the call.

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 On Saturday, June 3, 2017 the first TACTICAL CIVICS™ county chapter was launched in Kendall County, Texas. Mike Routen, Doug Boude, and David Zuniga began the prototyping process for all new county chapters. We are hoping to structure our chapter operations, training, media, TV channel, and kids' activities very close to the model of the highly successful, 40-year-old National Wild Turkey Federation.

Can you pull together two other people in your county and launch another county chapter in our 'prototype fleet' of TACTICAL CIVICS™ chapters? If so, get in touch with me at and we will get you plugged in. We will be tightly coordinating with your III% United Patriots Zone Leader, and all '3UP' members are urged to join. 

Incidentally, if you can attend the III% United Patriots' National FTX in Fountain CO on July 28-30, you will be greatly edified and energized. 

If you can't make it, let's connect by text, email, on our national TACTICAL CIVICS™ Facebook page, and on our Sunday night conference calls every Sunday night at 8pm Central. Just dial (712) 775-7031 then access code 123-277-344 # to join the call. 

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Boot Camp Manual 2nd Edition

The new Second Edition Mission to America is coming next month.

It will include new sections on our alliance with III% United Patriots and Jason W. Hoyt. Biggest change: since 100% of American pastors we contacted were non-responsive, rather than pursue unrepentant, corrupt institutions we're reaching out instead to patriotic, repentant Americans. (See Luke 14:15-24.)

Institutional corruption extends beyond civil government and schools in America today. In fact, the institutional Church is the most blameworthy institution for our national condition today. 

If you wonder where America's institutional churches will be in one more generation, look at Europe. If you wonder how the true body of Christ will grow in America over the next generation, look at China. 

And if you wonder where the repentant remnant can go to restore our land, look at TACTICAL CIVICS™ !! 

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Proclamation Day Events Begin!

Please note: Videos below are not final versions.
All videos are © 2017, AmericaAgain!, All Rights Reserved.

Topeka, Kansas:

Austin, Texas:

Sacramento, California:

Sample Constitutional Militia Proclamation: Trenton, New Jersey

Sample 28th Amendment Proclamation: Dover, Delaware

Note: The flags are flying at half staff in memory of 32 year old Delaware State Trooper Cpl. Stephen J. Ballard.
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America: Communist and Fascist

In 1848, Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto, listing ten goals of communism, his ideal political economy in which the collective (the mob) owns all property and means of production and has unlimited power over the individual.

In 1932, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, through his ghost writer Giovanni Gentile, published A Doctrine of Fascism. Gentile defined fascism as the alliance of strong central government and the corporations, to control the people. Corporations retain ownership of the means of production, but individuals fare no better under fascist rule than under communism.

Search online for the Communist Manifesto; you will confirm that all ten points of communism are U.S. federal policy today. As for fascism, in 1961 former five-star general Dwight Eisenhower warned us in his presidential farewell address that we faced a monstrous new domestic enemy that he called ‘the Military-Industrial Complex’. After decades of multi-billion-dollar bailouts for corporations, banks, and the military (skimmed from payroll accounts of productive Americans), witnessing the creepy makeup of Trump's cabinet -- straight from the highest echelons of banking, war, and oil industries -- do we not yet realize that  fascism as defined by its founder and communism as defined by its founder, are BOTH what Washington D.C. and industry have laid on the backs of the American people?

Perform your own research. As Trump pushes for increased military spending and foreign intervention, along with pushing Hillary Clinton's health care and insurance industry vision on all of us...communism and fascism together! it any wonder that America feels so foreign now?

There is only one way to restore America; it must begin with sincere repentance by millions of us. Then, the work of self-government that our ancestors abdicated for the past century. This is Tactical Civics™, in which AmericaAgain! seeks to work alongside III% United Patriots, Jason W. Hoyt, and teachers like KrisAnne Hall and Richard Mack, to restore our constitutional republic.

Look for our free eBook Tactical Civics ™, on our websites May15.

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Arrrgh...All Those 'Save America' Efforts!

At AmericaAgain!, we are often asked about other 'save America' groups, leaders and teachers. There are countless such efforts; this is what we have determined thus far.

We consider Sheriff Mack's CSPOA to be a vital work, and our sheriffs are vital to our constitutional order. But the Militia is the Constitution's stipulated 'law enforcement' power, whereas Richard Mack has taught for many years that the sheriff holds the distinction as the highest constittional enforcement power in America.

For the same reason, although we support Oath Keepers Community Preparedness Teams and are glad that Oath Keepers promise to not violate their public service oaths, the group's membership structure suggests that paid professionals are higher 'law enforcement' authority than 'civilians'. Yet We the People, we 'civilians' are the Constitution's stipulated law enforcement, riot control, border control and military defense force when operating as Citizen Militia.

After exhaustive vetting of all major militia efforts in America, we have allied ourselves with III% United Patriots, the best-of-class organization to prepare communities for natural or man-made disaster, social unrest, or military invasion by enemies foreign or domestic.

We do not agree with all goals and tactics of the National Liberty Alliance in attempting to restore the Grand Jury, but they have built a large network over many years of diligence, which we commend. In the Grand Jury area, we support and are in alliance with Jason W. Hoyt, whose book 'Consent of the Governed' expounds on Justice Scalia's U.S. v. Williams (1992) opinion to explain that the Grand Jury is the highest judicial authority in our republic, pre-existing the federal courts, thus purposely independent of judges, sheriffs, and other magistrates. Indicting crimes of public servants for trial in criminal courts is the purpose of the Grand Jury. 

The restored Grand Jury will only be as effective as the restored Citizen Militia. The former without the latter is at best a toothless tiger and at worst a recipe for jail time and marginalization of the Grand Jury as an institution. Several groups attempt to twist the ancient institution like a wax nose; under the Grand Jury heading they elect themselves to shadow-government judges', sheriffs' and other offices.
When our Legal Section launches the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™, it will be for the express purpose of making felony presentments for true citizens' Grand Juries.

With III% United Patriots and other groups providing local Militia backup for the legal proceedings, We the People will finally have a lawful, practical Constitution-enforcement mechanism. Tactical Civics™ is the only full-spectrum solution, restoring the duty and power of the American citizen.

If you are tired of being a cynical Facebook warrior -- ready to take responsibility and teach your children and grandchildren to do the same -- join us in this new way of life. 

We support authors, teachers and leaders such as KrisAnne Hall as well as gun dealers, tactical training centers, Constitution teachers, veterans groups, TEA Party groups and others, as they help us bring Tactical Civics™ to bear in the battle of Washington DC vs. America.

Copyright 2017

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The San Jacinto Approach

(Constitutionalist and history buff Tom Glass of Houston posted this exquisite article on his Facebook page today)

Happy San Jacinto Day!

The three significant battles of the Texas Revolution were the Alamo, Goliad, and San Jacinto. Each had its lessons.

The Alamo showed that those willing to die for liberty can do significant damage to tyranny and provide inspiration to fight harder for liberty for those who remain. I compare sending a champion to Washington to be comparable to the Alamo. The liberty champion will inspire us, but ultimately will be overwhelmed by the large number of the enemy.

Goliad showed us that surrender – even with promises of good treatment – is not a viable option for liberty warriors. Suing in federal court is the Goliad approach to fighting for liberty. You surrender your fate to the very tyrant you are fighting -- and you get massacred. So is trying to change the Constitution the way Governor Abbott suggests - to codify (explicitly or implicitly) into the Constitution something that is not there now, that the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of constitutional meaning.

San Jacinto showed us the path to victory. Fight on your own turf at the time and place of your choosing. The San Jacinto approach to victory against federal tyranny, today is constitutional enforcement by Texas officials against feds when the feds violate the Constitution in Texas.


Note: We feel that the proposed Tenth Amendment nullification law, the Texas Sovereignty Act, is a fantastic move in the right direction. But it would not enforce the law against the violators of the law (federal bill sponsors); only against Texas-resident 'enforcers' of the illicit federal law.

Nullification actions do not end the criminal enterprise; instead, they circle the wagons at every state, for every violation, after the crime is committed. We want legislators to be indicted for attempting to perpetrate the crime BEFORE the fact, while they are in the commission of the crime. Not after the People in the 49 other states are now victims.

The AmericaAgain! approach is to ratify the 28th Amendment (original First Article in the Bill of Rights), enact the Bring Congress Home Act, launch the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™, then over time enact 21 more reform laws, restoring all that our corrupt servants took from America over a century. 

When every member of Congress works full-time in their own community they will be under the jurisdiction of the State Criminal Court system. With the Indictment Engine™, we will prepare criminal presentments to grand juries, citing those State Penal Code sections harmonizing with the constitutional clauses that the proposed law would violate.

Which is more prudent: to indict conspiring felons, or wait until we have to bury our dead?

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Our Current Goals:

Building our TACTICAL CIVICS Alliance with III% United Patriots and Jason W Hoyt. JOIN III% United Patriots NOW...and buy Jason's book Consent of the Governed.

Proclamation Day will be held at every State Capitol on a date and time to be announced. (CA, KS, and TX held theirs on Saturday, May 6.) Capitol Action Teams will get every State legislator on record whether they will vote for our First Right: Small Districts. States and Capitol cities are listed below alphabetical by category. Click the name of your state to join your State Group.

Find your state legislators here:

  • Talk to people in your town about AmericaAgain! and find one more person to join you as a member.
  • Recruit members in the following States which currently have no members:
  • Note: Mississippi and Montana are the priority because they have not yet ratified Article The First. Connecticut needs to re-ratify but is lower priority.

  • Find State Coordinators for the following States. If you are interested in taking the lead for your state and making history with us, contact our founder at
  • Find at least 4 people in each State willing to volunteer for Proclamation Day.
  • Find at least 2 people in each State willing to serve on Capitol Action Teams. The following States have State Coordinators:
  • Forum


    Exciting e-mail David. I learned a new word I had never heard before, Antifa. The very next email I checked had the word again ! It was from my choice for President, Darrell Castle, his podcast reinforced the need for " Tactical Civics ". Listen here,

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    People's Board of Review

    Steven Hance, A friend of mine wrote this a few years back. There were about 50 or so that signed on with this, we got a little traction, but it didn't last long. A great informative read.

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    BOOTS: Back Office Operations, Technology, and Support

    Join this group to interact with AmericaAgain! Headquarters staff to get help and share your ideas. Our team will get down in the mud and do whatever is necessary to keep you standing! We will help you get organized, maintain membership data and other databases, and build your web and social media presence to meet your current and future needs. We share our knowledge and experience as we work on branding and marketing strategies that focus on your mission goals. For III% United Patriots, one goal is to make Constitutional Militia Duty fun and a natural part of American life.  We're starting to think about how it can be marketed like competitive sports and games such as Fantasy Football and March Madness brackets, supported by retailers who will donate gear or gift cards as prizes. Feel free to leave comments in the group forum and tell us what you need.

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    Learn More about III% United Patriots

    Interview with founder, Mike Morris: III% United Patriots Radio: June 2015 - First Episode - Topic: Who are the III% United Patriots? - Still very relevant today! December 2015 Episode - Topic: The downfall of our youth and the destruction of the American Way (show begins at 2 minutes 45 seconds) Facebook page: Website:

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    We can learn from these teenage abortion protestors

    16-year-old Conner Haines and his 19-year-old sister Lauren led a protest outside the Downingtown STEM academy on April 21, 2017.  They filmed their assistant principal harassing them as they calmly stood and let Jesus talk through them.  We need to exhibit the same strengths as we confront our servants, some of whom will lash back at us in a similar manner.  These articles give you some background: - Conner's edited video - Conner's Full 18 minute video - Conner's Open Letter To Christians

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    2 Replies · Reply by William Gray May 21

    Envisioning the Indictment Engine

    The AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ will be a mobile app that will empower us to track violations of State codes by our public servants and prepare indictment materials for the worst offenders.  To get an idea what it might do, visit: We are in the early stages of envisioning the functionality and architecture of this app. For more information, see this blog post:

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    Videos of Sheriff David Clarke

    Press conference following Milwaukee riots: Book discussion: RNC speech: CPAC speech:

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    Mid-Atlantic Proclamation Day Planning

    Hello all, If you or someone you know is willing to volunteer for Proclamation Day in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, or West Virginia over the next few months, please email me on this site. I have the banner and handout materials, so I can mail them to whoever is leading the event, and we can pass them around after each event. All you need are volunteers to sign up: 1 person to read the proclamation, 1 person to videotape it and take photos, and 2 people to hold the banner, and a local blogger to cover the event. I will work with the videographer to upload the video to my Dropbox account so it can be edited and posted by the leadership team. Press releases to the media will be sent after the event. We can start a conference call (I'd prefer Wednesday nights) to plan these efforts. Thanks, Eric

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    Inspiration for Holy Week

    Darrel and Cindy DeVille from Frisco, TX are helping AmericaAgain! members practice personal repentance and lead America to do the same. We are grateful that they have made their services and Bible studies freely available on their YouTube channel. Here is a relevant message for this week:

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